• Better Care for Your Best Friend

    We know your pet is a member of your family. So we treat them like one of ours by offering compassionate, reliable, professional pet care you can trust.
Our grooming stations are designed for the comfort of your pets.

All Dog Grooms Include:

Double Bath, Blow-dry, Brush & Comb
Nail Dremel, Paw trim (feet and between pads)
Sanitary trim (if necessary)
Scented finish (if requested)
Teeth Brushing
Blueberry Facial
Parasite check
Gland expression (if requested)
Treat (with prior approval)
Lots of love (guaranteed)
Ear Cleaning

Mobile Pet Grooming

  • Zero human contact. We text when we arrive and you can place your baby outside in a kennel or your backyard.
  • Groomers always wear masks and gloves
  • Sanitize between each groom with disinfectant that kills 99.99% of germs and viruses
  • Eliminates separation anxiety & physical stress for your dog
  • Personalized individual attention
  • Great for older fur babies who need a little extra love and care
  • No cage confinement
  • No cage drying
  • No exposure to other animals
  • No car sickness or dirty pets riding in your car
  • One on one attention
  • The groomer that arrives will be the person grooming your baby. Give them all of your requests right then.
  • Eliminates inconvenient grooming shop drop-off and pick-up hassles
  • Our vans are equipped with 2 grooming stations, have siblings that prefer to get groomed together, not a problem.
  • No waiting, we come to you for your previously scheduled appointment.
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Why Trust Reese's Pet Sitting

We Treat Your Pets Like Family … Only Better!

Reese’s is amazing!!! I love that we can travel with 100% confidence that our babies are being so well cared for. They give updates throughout the visits so that we have additional peace of mind. When we come home our pup is happy and I can tell he has enjoyed his vacation.

If you are considering using their services I can guarantee you will be pleased!! I am a tough cookie and hard to impress but I am so happy we found Reese’s!

Stacy S


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