Pet Care Services

All of the services that we currently offer are listed below and linked to to their own web page so you can get more details about what the service entails, pricing, etc. As always, if you have any additional questions please contact us here.

A little information about us, all of our grooms are mobile, so we come to you, and we park in front of your home while we groom. The only thing that is a little bit different now, is our exchange process since we now have to adhere to the 6 feet rule. If you have a kennel you can place your fur baby in the kennel on your front door step and then we can retrieve them or we can also do a front door hand-off as long as everyone is masked. Everything else is standard procedure, we have always worn gloves and masks in our vans and we have always disinfected in between each groom.

Each of our grooms include the following: ear cleaning, teeth brushing, nail trimming & filing, blueberry facial, double bath (exactly what it sounds like, the first breaks up the dander and allergens on the skin and the second allows our shampoos to do what they are supposed to), condition, blow dry, all over haircut or de-shedding treatment, sanitary trim & paw pad trim, scissor finish, leave in spritz conditioner and we also have bandanas and bow ties.

To check pricing, text us your fur baby(s) breed(s) and weight(s), and to check for availability we will just need your address.

Mobile Pet Grooming

Save time and hassle! Let us transport your pet to the vet, groomer or daycare.

Why Trust Reese's Pet Sitting

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