Mobile Pet Grooming Certification

Meet Our Graduates


We are BEYOND excited to announce our newest graduate Divya. Divya has been hard at work and has such a raw talent. Divya has been super inquisitive throughout her time with us and an absolute wonder to have as a student.

Divya learned with Theo, as well as Emma. Two very different instructors who were both extremely impressed with her eagerness to learn and how quickly and naturally Divya was able to understand the material and apply what she learned.

Congratulations on graduating Divya we cannot wait to see what the future holds for you.


We are beyond excited to announce our newest graduate Ben. He graduated our program in April of 2024. Ben came to us with no previous knowledge of professional animal training. He has excelled from the moment he arrived. He has been hard at work and has learned so much through his schooling with us.

Ben’s willingness to learn, his dedication and his desire to absorb as much information as he could, from everyone person he encountered with our team was awe inspiring to us. He has exemplified exactly what it takes to work side by side with us, which is why we offered him a position immediately upon graduation as our newest team member.

Congratulations on graduating Benny and welcome to the team we can not wait to see what the future holds for you!


Giselle graduated from our school in April of 2024. She enrolled with Reese’s Luxury School of Grooming and was paired with Rebecca as her instructor.  Over the course of the schooling program she has learned all of the skills needed to be a successful dog groomer.  

Giselle was an absolute natural and has an exquisite eye for detail.

Her first start to finish groom on a standard poodle was nothing short of amazing!

We are so proud of Giselle and can not wait to see what the future holds for her. 


Ashleigh joined our school in November of 2023 and graduated in January of 2024. Ashleigh owns Ashleigh’s Top Dog Training, LLC. She has over 10 years of experience as a professional dog trainer. She specializes in basic to advanced obedience training, as well as behavioral modification. She decided to join our school to enhance her already robust knowledge and care of animals. Before graduating our 8 week, 320 hours, hands on extensive training program she had a job offer to join a very well known respected company in Georgetown, Texas.

Ashleigh’s attitude, drive, professionalism, determination, discipline and shear talent are amazing to witness first hand.

We very much look forward to her endless success.

Congratulations Ashleigh!


Jennifer joined our school in August of 2023.  Jennifer has loved animals her entire life.  She decided she wanted to turn her passion for animals into a career.  She enrolled with Reese’s Luxury School of Grooming and was paired with Emma as her instructor.  Over the next 8 weeks she learned all facets of what is needed to be a successful dog groomer.  Jennifer graduated in September of 2023.  She decided to chase her dreams and make them into reality, immediately staring her own business.  She now has a thriving mobile dog grooming business in Lago Vista, Texas.  We are so proud of Jennifer and can not wait to see what the future holds for her. 

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“Reese’s is amazing!!! I love that we can travel with 100% confidence that our babies are being so well cared for. They give updates throughout the visits so that we have additional peace of mind. When we come home our pup is happy and I can tell he has enjoyed his vacation. If you are considering using their services I can guarantee you will be pleased!! I am a tough cookie and hard to impress but I am so happy we found Reese’s!”

Stacy S.

Are you a groomer looking for your next amazing opportunity?

Reese’s Pet Sitting is always looking for talended groomers to join our team. If you are interested in joining Reeses’s Pet Sitting as a mobile groomer – please email your resume to
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