I have lived in Austin for 13 years. My first 12, I was doing what most of you are probably doing, living the day to day grind, stuck in traffic, jamming to my Sirius XM. I was in banking and had been since I graduated college with my Finance degree. About two years ago my best friend moved in with me and we have been living our pretty awesome life ever since. We also have two English Cream Golden Retrievers, Eggsy & Benedict.
I had personally hit every milestone I always wanted to hit with my career. One day, I looked around and thought, I don’t feel any different. I don’t feel more accomplished, or better about myself for having met these milestones. I had what I call the “Ah – Ha” moment and realized you cannot live trying to reach goals that do not fulfill you as a person. Because after all, what is the point. I sat down with my Boo and really thought about what I wanted to do every day. He said: “well, you love coffee, dogs and wine, so that should narrow it down for you.” My, how simple men can be, but you know what, it worked. There it was. . . my own business, in my own city, making people’s days brighter, happier and easier.

Why Trust Reese's Pet Sitting

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