Mobile Pet Grooming Certification

Learning in Luxury: Our Superior Facilities & Resources at Reese's School of Grooming

Enrollment Details, Financial Aid, and Your Investment

Embarking on a journey with Reese’s Luxury School of Grooming means choosing a pathway to a rewarding career in luxury pet grooming. Here, you'll find essential information about enrollment and a link to download our comprehensive tuition kit with details on potential financial aid options.

Enrollment Process

Your path to a career in luxury pet grooming begins here. Enrollment is available for our 2023 school terms as follows:

Summer Class: June 12 – August 4

Fall Class: August 14 – October 6

Winter Class: October 16 – December 8

Our classes operate for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, between 7am and 6pm. Individual schedules are dependent on the student’s and the instructor’s availability and agreement.

Comprehensive Tuition Kit

We've compiled all the information you need about tuition, lab fees, student kits, and other charges into a comprehensive tuition kit. This kit provides you with a detailed breakdown of costs associated with our Professional Canine Stylist Program, helping you make an informed decision.

Download our Comprehensive Tuition Kit immediately to get a detailed view of your investment.


Download our Comprehensive Tuition Kit!

Financial Aid Options

Although we currently do not offer direct financial aid, we are committed to helping you explore other financial assistance opportunities. Contact our office for further information and we’ll provide you with guidance.

Your Investment and Return

Investing in our program is an investment in your future. With our training, you'll be ready to provide high-quality grooming services to a luxury clientele - this can lead to plentiful career opportunities and higher earning potential.

Our curriculum is designed to equip you to work independently as a professional groomer/stylist in established businesses or even to open your own luxury grooming business. Remember, your return on investment isn't just monetary—it's about transforming your passion for animals into a fulfilling profession.

Take the first step towards a prosperous career in luxury pet grooming. Join us at Reese’s Luxury School of Grooming and turn your passion into a lucrative profession.

Download our Comprehensive Tuition Kit!

“Reese’s is amazing!!! I love that we can travel with 100% confidence that our babies are being so well cared for. They give updates throughout the visits so that we have additional peace of mind. When we come home our pup is happy and I can tell he has enjoyed his vacation. If you are considering using their services I can guarantee you will be pleased!! I am a tough cookie and hard to impress but I am so happy we found Reese’s!”

Stacy S.

Are you a groomer looking for your next amazing opportunity?

Reese’s Pet Sitting is always looking for talended groomers to join our team. If you are interested in joining Reeses’s Pet Sitting as a mobile groomer – please email your resume to
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