Large Dog Mobile Grooming Service in Westlake Hills, TX

So you’ve got a large dog -- maybe even a very large dog, 100+ lbs. and still growing! -- and you’re wondering if one of these newfangled mobile grooming services like Reese’s can handle your big baby? Can you make a call, send a text or email, and really get super service, on-site, without having to do a thing, even if you have a big, big, BIG dog?

Good news! Yes, you can! Because yes, we can!

At Reese’s, when we say “We are a full-service mobile pet groomer service, coming right to your door to get your pet and groom them on-site in our vans, and you don’t even need to be there!” we really mean it. We can accommodate any size dog (we think, we haven’t groomed English Mastiffs or Irish Wolfhounds (yet), but we have definitely groomed Great Danes, and they’re the biggest babies of them all).

If you live in Westlake, or anywhere in the surrounding area around Westlake, and you want someone to come to your home and fully groom and pamper your large dog, Reese’s is exactly who you should call.

Why is Reese’s the Best Option for Large Dogs in Westlake, TX?

Let’s get into some of the nitty gritty of how we clean the nitty and the gritty from your large pet. Because mobile grooming services are still kinda new, people don’t always understand the whats and wherefores of how we work, so let’s talk about how we do what we do, and why it works for all dogs, from the tiniest tinies to the biggest bigs.

First up, Reese’s mobile grooming vans are state of the art. They’re sanitized after every grooming, decked out with all the cleaning and grooming supplies you would ever need, and -- best of all -- they’re large! Which is exactly what you want when you’re grooming pets (can you imagine trying to wash that 75 lb. pittie in a VW? Maybe you can, but it would be a mess, so probably best to not even try).

Our vans are fully ready and waiting to accommodate all sizes of dogs and cats. Should you move up to a horse pet, hippo, or giraffe, well, you may need some more outside options (or a double-decker bus). But for all things dog and all things cat, we are ready and equipped to handle your super-sized loved one.

Secondly, our groomers don’t balk at dog size. A lot of people can get a little skitzy around bigger animals (no matter how much you say, “She’s a sweetheart!” or “He wouldn’t hurt a fly!”). Our groomers are lovers of pets of all sizes (why else would you choose this as a profession if you didn’t love, love, love animals?) They’re highly experienced, and know both soothing techniques and safety practices to keep your dog or cat calm, happy, and grooving with their grooming. Size doesn’t matter a bit, it’s all about knowing the psychology of your dog, and treating them how they need to be treated to feel safe and loved.

Finally, we should be your choice for large dog grooming in Westlake because we are super-available and familiar with all the great Austin towns and suburbs. We work in Westlake all the time. You have probably even seen our vans with our super-familiar red logo and that name -- Reese’s -- printed in bright red right on the side. If you ask around in your community (on any of the great neighborhood apps out there), you will find recommendations for Reese’s aplenty. Often from people in your same neighborhood, or sometimes even on your same street! We get around town, and we are completely bookable for anywhere in the greater Austin area. Don’t hesitate or worry about being too far away -- the great part of having a business based in mobile grooming is that we come to you, no matter where you might be.

Large Dog Mobile Grooming in Westlake, TX

So, as you can see from all that we’ve said, large dogs are never a problem for Reese’s. We can handle everything from lap dogs to really, really big lap dogs (even the big dogs love to cuddle, right?). We’ll take amazing care of your big babies, and they will come back to you scrubbed, loved, and refreshed, every single time.

And you won’t have to do a thing. Just reach out to us via text or email, we’ll get right back to you and set an appointment to keep your large dog looking and feeling -- and smelling, don’t forget smelling! -- their absolute best.

With Reese’s Mobile Pet Grooming, no dog is too big or too small.

Mobile Pet Grooming

Save time and hassle! Let us transport your pet to the vet, groomer or daycare.

Why Trust Reese's Pet Sitting

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